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The once a month visits have kept my back from going out for 1 ½ years. I would recommend this schedule to everyone. These treatments have helped me greatly, and when I do "over do it" my healing time and pain level are much lower than when I did not come once a month!"

Charles B. Webb



I used to have headaches daily, since I've started chiropractic treatments I may have a headache once a month. These treatments have made my daily life a lot easier. Thank you Dr. Kohl and employees for helping me with my headaches. My family and students also appreciate your help because now I'm always in a better mood and headache free."

Renee Duvall



I originally sought out chiropractic care because my neck was hurting so bad I couldn't sleep. Within several visits that was feeling much better and as I continued with maintenance visits over the years we dealt with other issues. My job as a programmer keeps me sitting for hours and I am not as active as I should be, so they've helped me through several mid and lower back issues. When my left shoulder start losing mobility, Dr Kohl got me doing therapy which got it moving again very quickly. That was during an especially busy time in my life and they were great working with my schedule. I've injured my knee twice and they've helped with that. I also believe that regular neck and wrist/hand adjustments have kept me from getting carpel tunnel. My hands used to ache, especially at night. I don't have much trouble with them now.I also suffered (and still do to a much lesser extent) a condition called Costochondritis(inflammation of the ribs and the cartilage in the ribcage). While I don't think chiropractic can cure it, I firmly believe it helps. Soon after I started chiropractic I stopped taking Celebrex which I had taken for about year.Very early on they recommended a massage session and I was hooked. The combination of a once a month adjustment and a once a month massage has been the right combination.

I believe chiropractic has a place in everyone's health care and Reynoldsburg Chiropractic has been a God-send for me."

Rose Klockner